This story is inspired by true events.


MOO is a live-action, English language family film, with an estimated budget of €3.5 million, targeted mainly at 6 to 10 year olds and their parents.

MOO is a warm-hearted family film set on a small rural island in mid-summer. It tells the story of a feisty girl, Lily (11) and her unusually frisky cow, Moo. The farm is in financial trouble, and the neighbouring dairy-farmer, Frederick, has been trying to take over their fruit and vegetable fields to build yet another cow-shed. In an effort to make ends meet, Lily’s elderly parents (Paul and Nina) decide to sell their few farm animals, including Moo, whose milk has dried up.

Devastated at the thought of her beloved cow at a slaughterhouse, Lily does everything she can to save her: she begs her parents, she launches an internet appeal and steals milk from Frederick and pretends it’s Moo’s – until she sets off alarms and the theft is discovered.  All seems lost until Moo, unwittingly, comes up with a solution of her own: she accidentally takes off and jumps over a fence with Lily sitting on her back.  Taking her cow’s cue, Lily decides to train Moo for a horse-show at the end of summer: that will show her parents, and the world, that even if cows are different, they’re no less worthy to live than horses. But when Frederick taunts Lily’s father Paul, with evidence of Lily’s theft, he vows to get rid of the troublesome cow even faster.  Luckily, the island’s only slaughterhouse is closed for the summer.

Heartened, Lily secretly approaches her estranged uncle Charlie (a jockey and a rebel) to help her train Moo. He laughs it off, until he sees Moo gallop and jump. Throughout the long hot summer, while Lily’s parents take their siesta, and other children swim and play, Lily sweats to train Moo for the show. She eventually wins over her father, but when her mother Nina finds out about Lily’s intentions, she refuses to allow her daughter to humiliate herself in public and calls the animal handlers to take Moo away. As Moo is about to board the ferry to the mainland, Nina, finally gives in and lets her go. Once at the show, Moo does not quite perform as planned but she does manage to get the media’s attention. The event goes viral, and, thanks to her internet-appeal, Lily manages to raise enough funds to save Moo and inadvertently, awareness on the plight of small traditional farms. Charlie reunites with his family to save their farm, and Lily awakens to her call as a child-activist, setting up a website for other children around the world to start their own “MOO-vements”.